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October 2, 2012

Rest in peace Chris Economaki

With a heavy heart I submit this entry to my NASCAR Blog.  Chris Economaki the dean of NASCAR’s death had a profound effect on me. Chris’s voice and commentary on ABC’s Wide World of Sports was the single reason I became interested in Motorsports racing and NASCAR in particular. As a young man I would sit listening and dreaming about driving a race car as Chris would describe what was happening on the track. He gave me the bug that translated years later into a job in the business.

My break came after I was injured in a work related incident. I had a broken back and torn rotator cuffs. It took years of surgeries to repair my back and arms. When I was at my lowest I would play the videos I bought about racing and NASCAR that Chris narrated. His voice peppered with that matter of fact tone gave me the strength to get back on my feet and begin a new career that would take to new heights.

I was lucky to sit down and talk with Chris a few years later and tell him my story. Humbled by what I said he gave me encouragement to continue to improve my skills, go to college, and get a degree in public relations. I couldn’t believe he would take the time to sit and talk with me a relative no-body in the industry and show such compassion and strength. His message was simple don’t ever give up on your dreams!

I would not see Chris again but his message resonates in my head when times get rough. Finishing college at the age of 50 was not a simple task and I was looking forward to letting Chris know I made it and graduated at the top of my class. This is the thing that hurts the worst, not being able to show him how far I have come. Hopefully, now he knows.

Chris thank you for the gift of yourself and your time to help a lost and confused man to get back on track and never give up on my dreams. Rest in peace Chris!


February 20, 2011

NASCAR Getting in touch with a younger generation of fans

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NASCAR is concerned with the falling fan numbers in the 18-35year old demographic. There are several things they can do to improve these demographics. The first is to get rid of the old out of touch announcers calling races, the fans that like these guys are older than the concerned demographic. Darrel Waltrip, Larry Mcreynolds, Rusty Wallace and Brad Daugherty are just boring. Bring in some excitement someone younger. Some possibilities are Nationwide drivers who are articulate and look and appeal to the younger generation. Trevor Bayne (if he is not running the whole Sprint Cup schedule), Michael Annett, Colin Braun or Parker Kligerman are all candidates. NASCAR could even use one of them on pit road.
Another way to attract younger fans is to use social media as a vehicle. Television only covers the main players during a race, and racing radios offers the ability to listen to your favorite drivers. I think if the public relations representatives put their knowledge to work these ideas can be melded into a social experience, for those who cannot get to the track. Have audio tracked to their face book pages or through U-tube. Twitter updates can be sent by these reps throughout the race about what their driver is doing and saying. PR reps can become their team’s private announcers. NASCAR can have 43 races simultaneously broadcast. Individual teams should hold and conduct interviews with their drivers and fans on face book. These are but a few ideas I have in mind. For more ideas Contact Voight Motorsports Management.

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