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October 2, 2012

Rest in peace Chris Economaki

With a heavy heart I submit this entry to my NASCAR Blog.  Chris Economaki the dean of NASCAR’s death had a profound effect on me. Chris’s voice and commentary on ABC’s Wide World of Sports was the single reason I became interested in Motorsports racing and NASCAR in particular. As a young man I would sit listening and dreaming about driving a race car as Chris would describe what was happening on the track. He gave me the bug that translated years later into a job in the business.

My break came after I was injured in a work related incident. I had a broken back and torn rotator cuffs. It took years of surgeries to repair my back and arms. When I was at my lowest I would play the videos I bought about racing and NASCAR that Chris narrated. His voice peppered with that matter of fact tone gave me the strength to get back on my feet and begin a new career that would take to new heights.

I was lucky to sit down and talk with Chris a few years later and tell him my story. Humbled by what I said he gave me encouragement to continue to improve my skills, go to college, and get a degree in public relations. I couldn’t believe he would take the time to sit and talk with me a relative no-body in the industry and show such compassion and strength. His message was simple don’t ever give up on your dreams!

I would not see Chris again but his message resonates in my head when times get rough. Finishing college at the age of 50 was not a simple task and I was looking forward to letting Chris know I made it and graduated at the top of my class. This is the thing that hurts the worst, not being able to show him how far I have come. Hopefully, now he knows.

Chris thank you for the gift of yourself and your time to help a lost and confused man to get back on track and never give up on my dreams. Rest in peace Chris!


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