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May 10, 2011

Tim Earnhart speaker review

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Speaker Review Paper
Scott Voight
Professor Shaluta
Journalism 300
May 1, 2011

On April 20, 2011 Tim Earnhart, who is founder, principal, CEO and Creative Director of Werkshop Marketing spoke to our class. Earnhart businesses are located in, Nashville, TN and Bowling Green, KY. His business Werkshop Marketing is a fully independent, full-service brand marketing and advertising firm.
Earnhart is a 1995 Graduate of WKU, with a degree in advertising and marketing. Earnhart has 17 years of experience in the business and is a partner in two other businesses besides Werkshop Marketing named: The Liberty Group and Premier Partners. Earnhart has lived in Bowling Green since 1991 and has been an active member of the community earning him in 2004 the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce Small Business Person of the Year.
He began speaking about how fast the industry is growing and how the influx of social media has changed the business of public relations and marketing. Technology has played a major part in this change in the last 5 years especially.
His passion began while he was a sophomore in high school he got to tour the Wieden+Kennedy ad agency that was handling the Nike account. At home he began dreaming of owning his own agency or work for Wieden+Kennedy. As a result of that trip that night he created the name of the agency he would own in the future. Growing up in an artistic family atmosphere helped to develop the skill set to pursue his career choice.
When he graduated from WKU he was working for Wendy’s at a franchise level who operated 32 restaurants thought the state. He stayed there until he purchased and rejuvenated Liberty Group in February of 2000 becoming a small business owner. As entrepreneur he learned how to run a business. As a 20 year-old it was a great learning experience. His time there gave him creditability, networking and taught him how to develop the skills to meet people and create lasting relationships. The lessons learned would stay with him and prepare him to take the next step. In 2005 he founded Earnhart and Friends which was the business name he dreamed up after that life altering visit to Wieden+Kennedy.
Later Earnhart would meet Holly Rooks Grenvicz, in 2009. By 2010 he acquired her company Fresh Dirt Marketing which was a marketing strategy service because, together they could complement what each company was doing and stop having to outsource the work thus, doing it all in-house. He also acquired another company in Nashville, so all the pieces were complete to form Werkshop. Now he could take clients from discovery, marketing plan strategies, branding, and implementation giving them a full service ad agency, thus fulfilling his childhood dream. Quoting the Werkshop philosophy, “Brands aren’t born — they’re built. The message, the medium, the motive: they are what you make of them, and they’re all critical to your success.
At Werkshop, building is what we do best. From a foundation of thorough research and planning, all the way through to the shine and sparkle of design and language, we spend our days (and plenty of nights) crafting distinctive, directed brands for a wide gamut of clients. Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500, we have the tools and the tactics to increase awareness of your brand.
It’s our hobby, our passion, our meaning of life: To take the great things you’ve got going, and frame them in a way that potential customers find irresistible.”
The name Werkshop was born because they viewed themselves as a work shop. A place a client gets a full service agency that can handle you campaign from start to finish. The backwards E in the name was used for a few reasons, one was the name workshop was already taken, a second was it could represent the old Earnhart and friends and lastly since he was born is Switzerland in the German section, the word work in German is spelled werk.
His agency is filled with all types of professions from PR people, marketing people, advertising people, graphic artist and business oriented professions, if you want to work in an agency there is a place for everyone to work as a team for a common goal.
The bottom line of what Earnhart had to say and stressed was to find a passion and pursue it. You do not have to make the most money to be happy. Happiness is found in the work you do. You have to love what you do to be good at it. Try different internships to find your passion, don’t settle.


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