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May 10, 2011

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Content Analysis of Red Bull Energy Drink
Scott Voight
Professor Shaluta
Journalism 300
Feb. 24, 2011

In the fall 2009 study, there were 225,887,000 adults in the United States. 16,550,000 people drank Red Bull’s product. This equates out to 7.3% of all adults drank Red Bull in the last six months. The most significant drinker of the product is the adult 18- 49 age group. Of the 134,084,000 possible customers 14,747,000 consumed at least one Red Bull Energy Drink. Adult‘s between the age of 18-49 are 10.9% more likely to drink Red Bull than the general population. The second most significant age group is 25-54 with 126,879,000 possible drinkers. Of those 10,922,000 consume the product. Men out drink the women in all age groups significantly.

Mediamark Internet Reporter. Mediamark Research, Inc. (Fall 2009). Product
Energy Drinks. Retrieved February 22, 2011 from
MRI Plus database: tp://


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