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April 11, 2010

The Eight traights of tomorrows journalist

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As a Public Relations majors view point the eight traights are absolutely essential to a journalist and guess what a public relations person too. I work in NASCAR and we as public relations have to work just as hard to get our drivers views and protect him from putting his foot in his mouth. I have to carry a pack filled with microphones, audio cassettes and video cameras because you never know when a special moment may occur and you have to be ready to capture the moment. These are so many reasons to come prepared and carry a pack filled with the essentials to be an entire studio, from SIMO casting to video, to audio. You have to be ready for anything.

With the advent of the portable electronic age anyone can be an amateur photographer and more. The pressure to compete will be immense especially in the big cities.  The professional journalist will be competing with any bystander that thought it might be cool to record this. I do also see the benefits of having average Joe watching out for his neighborhood by recording crime and turning it in to the police. This will make the journalism better as long as it does not continue to become more, and, more sleazy. I do not envy the students that join the work force in the near future, unless you work back in your home town.

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