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April 3, 2010

Impact charged with falsifying certifications tags?

Allegations that Bill Simpson’s new company Impact Racing LLC created false safety tags to improve sales is a public relations nightmare. If the allegations are true it could mean the end of an illustrious career for Bill Simpson and his company. Bill Simpson owned Simpson Performance Products, when one of his safety belts was found to contribute to the death of Dale Earnhardt. Later he sold the company and joined Impact. If these allegations are true about Simpson having an Asian company make counterfeit SFI labels for safety equipment sold to drivers between November 2005 and August 2008 he could face jail time.
From a P.R. Standpoint this would be a great situation if the charges are false and can be used to build his company and build capitol. If the charges are true I would recommend he tell the truth and face the charges that would come. By doing this he may save the company. Yes, it would be an uphill struggle and take substantial public relations work to bring Impact back from the brink. It would take years to rebuild their reputation in the racing safety equipment market.
Before any work can be done the truth must come out first. Then reorganization must take place weeding out the crooked players in this situation. It is hard for me to believe Bill Simpson who is credited with so many brilliant safety inventions would risk his new company, freedom and the lives of drivers in all forms of motor racing just to make a buck. But, stranger things have happened. Time will tell and he will need more than ever a professional public relations firm to see him through this mess.


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