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March 21, 2010

Technologies and our future

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Technologies care the future. Everyday new technologies are invented, in addition, there new ways to use the current technology. From a cell phone you can call someone, get the news, music, play games and use apps available to the technology available for your particular phone.
I think tomorrow can be an awesome and frightening future at the same time. Each generation is born into a technological generation. My parents did not have television, VCR’s, cell phones, I pods or even computers. They do not know how to operate a VCR; they cannot program their phones and answering machines and use the younger generation (me) to do these things. I was born at the advent of television so I have some knowledge of how things work, but generations after me have so much more of an advantage over me, because they are born in the technology age. Children are taught at younger and younger ages how to use these technologies.
For me I have a working knowledge of how to use the basic cell phone, I do not have apps or I pods or any fancy news gathering devices. I do not know about them. I was injured for over 15 years so I lost touch with all the new stuff. I was not able to devices afford nor need all the new fangled devices.
If you fall behind and do not keep up with all the new gadgets it is hard to catch up. It scares me that I am not in touch with the present technology available to me now. I have to have my roommate help me fix problems with my laptop. My father does not own a cell phone nor does he want one. My mother has one but will not use it much because she is overwhelmed by it. It scares her to think of what we will invent next.
Younger kids will always use these things, and older folks will not. As I get older it is also harder to learn new technologies. So I will rely on Television for my news and my parents get theirs from both, TV and newspapers. I do not vision newspapers going away any time soon or at least until the baby boomer era like me to die off before it will become all most obsolete. There will always be some people who like to hold things in their hands like news printed and magazine media. But the kids born after me will become more and more dependent on electronic technologies to get info. I see us eventually getting devices implanted into our brains and this info coming directly there.
The future of electronics and technology has unlimited potential and will become part of our lives if it has not already. The poor will be left even farther behind as we progress, because they cannot afford to keep up and once you are behind it will become expedientialy harder and harder to keep up.


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